Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another learning experience....

Two Sundays ago, my Mum, the gals & myself went to Hong Kong and scheduled to be back on 19th May 2013.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Emma & myself came back earlier.  We took the Tuesday night flight and reached Sg in the wee hours of morning.  This trip was extremely tired.

First of all, Hong Kong is a place that I have a love-hate relationship with.  I love their food & shopping but I hate the crowds and the lack of space there.

Secondly, the air in Hong Kong was bad and not to mention that its not as clean as Singapore in terms of the public places.  Plus it does not have child friendly facilities like baby changing places except for shopping malls like IFC, The Elements or more well-established restaurants like Yung Kee & Din Tai Fung. 

The funny thing is that Claire commented to me that the toilet in Din Tai Fung is very nice. 

It was Emma's first trip to Hong Kong and she doesn't take it too well there.  She hates the lack of space & constantly constrained coz I cant let her roam free like in Singapore.  She was okie during the first 5 days except for an eczema attack.

Out of the blue, she contacted stomach flu.  This made her extremely cranky and the whole household (my Auntie's place) unable to have a good night sleep.  I bought her to see the PD at Jordan instead of the usual one in Central (coz he dun open on Sundays).  The Jordan PD, Dr. Lee gave me some medication but Emma's condition dun seem to improve especially her fever doesn't subside.  Not only that Murphy's Law kicked in, the thermometer was spoilt!!!!

At 2am, Tuesday morning, I was freaked out by Emma having feverish fits.  In the end, I decided to book the flight back home at night.  But before i did that, I went to see Dr. Lee to get a letter certifying that it is alright for Emma to fly.  There, Dr. Lee commented that I should not have bought Emma out to travel and the best age for children to travel is 4 years old.  I was pissed off by his remarks, what further pissed me off is the political remarks of Mr. LKY.  I just dun understand why the Hongkies think that Singapore is an oppressed country.  Without Mr. LKY, Singapore won't be where she is!  Idiotic.... 

The moment I reached Sg, I bought Emma to see Dr. Irene Chan for a second opinion.  She commented that the medication dosage that Dr. Lee gave to Emma is too strong.  No wonder, Emma was so cranky & weak when taking his medication.  What i learn from this is I should have brought Emma to see Dr. Chow instead of Dr. Lee in Hong Kong....

Boy, this whole ordeal made me so tired that I managed to regain a bit of strength.  The next thing i need to do is to clear up the house and starts my job search.

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